​Year K - Year 6

English, Mathematics & GA

Year 7 - Year 10

English & Mathematics 

1/149 Peats Ferry Road

Hornsby NSW 2077

Weekdays & Weekends

Real concept teaching, not just worksheets

How do you teach at Learninx?
Learnikx Regular Learning Framework has 3 components.

(A) Classwork – Real teaching covering all the concepts.

(B) QLearn-s – Homework modules delivered using Learnikx LMS. Homework can be submitted digitally using LMS.

(C) Test Engine – Learnikx TestEngine provides a simulated online testing environment, similar to what is used in various NSW Tests. The tests are time-bound. Students access the tests over internet and get graded instantly. Digital testing is increasingly getting adopted by various testing authorities and is the way to go.


If my child gets stuck doing his/her homework, what can you provide?
Additional doubt clearing timeslot can be booked, at discounted price. Contact centre for pricing.

Is there a FREE trial class, for new students?
Trial classes has been discontinued. Please prepay first class for a trial. 

How do I get free learning materials ?
Join our Facebook group for the latest pattern based free learning materials.

How will your tutoring help my child to do better at school?
Learnikx curricula are designed strictly following examination patterns. The curricula may help to do better in exams, may not help to do better in schools in general. We are not aware of any independent studies linking tutoring with overall academic success. Parents are advised to use their judgement to decide.

​Why aren't you promising success at examination?
Success in examinations like OC, Selective and Scholarship Tests depends more on the academic motivation of students, less on tutoring method used. At Learnikx, we routinely provide feedback on student performance to parents, so that parents can take an informed decision on tutoring effectiveness. Not every child needs and/or responds to tutoring.

Where are you located?
We are located at  1/149 Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby NSW 2077. This is ground floor suite.

​Do you have free parking?
No. Please look for on-street parking spots.

​How can I contact you?
The best way is to come to centre. It may be easier to get clarifications face-to-face compared with other modes of communication.


1/149 Peats Ferry Road
Hornsby NSW 2077

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