Learnikx Fee Structure : Transparent, Affordable & Contract-free

Tuition fees are prepaid.  Fee structure assumes one timeslot per week. There are no other fees.

For regular courses, fees are processed for either 4 weeks at a time or 12 weeks at a time. 10% discount is available for 12 weeks payment cycle. There are no discounts for 4 weeks payment cycle.


For Accelerated courses, full fee is prepaid and non-refundable.

Payment Method : Electronic invoices are sent to registered email id. Customers can pay securely using bank transfer.

Terms and Conditions

1. 20% late fee applies for payment after due date. There are 5 working days window between invoice date and due date.

2. The fees once paid are not refundable in part or in full under any circumstances unless otherwise agreed by Learnikx Education.
3. Students will not be charged for the lesson if the lesson is canceled solely due to Learnikx Education canceling the lesson for any reason. Please ensure that you notify us immediately if this happens. If the student misses a lesson that has been paid for, the student will not be eligible for any refund. There will not be any refund if the student fails to attend a class or stop attending mid-way through a prepaid payment term.
4. While Learnikx Education will prepare students academically to the best of its ability, it does not accept responsibility for students performance in an examination.


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